Orange Energy Resources & Logistics

Orange Energy Resources and Logistics is recognized to be an emerging name in the LPG industry as a LPG solutions & Logistics services provider. We provide innovative gas solutions for household, restaurants, commercial buildings, & industries with LPG Reticulation system. We also provide logistical support to LPG Operators/Companies to transport Bulk LPG and Cylinders.

Present Scenario

Bangladesh is going through a massive change as our natural resources are limited and to save our remaining natural resources and to make it sustain for the long run, Government is taking some major initiatives. Due to those, there are some issues arising regarding Natural Gas for instance; inconsistent flow of natural gas, no new permission for new gas connection and so on. To resolve this problem there is an alternative which is even safer, cost effective and can be called as the best alternative to natural gas that is LPG.


LPG Reticulation System is a smart and safe way to distribute gas to consumer’s kitchen, commercial kitchens and consumption points in factories with a centralised cylinder bank or storage. The gas usage of each household user is measured using a meter installed in the consumer’s space or centrally in the ground floor.

In the LPG Reticulation System, an active bank and a standby bank are set up. The gas is supplied from the active bank to the end-users through the pipeline network. When the level of the gas in the active bank indicates a refill, the supply source is temporarily shifted to the standby bank. The gas cylinders in the active bank are refilled and the gas supply source is shifted back to the active bank.

This way, the LPG reticulated system method of gas supply ensures that there is a continuous supply of gas to consumers without the hassles and safety concerns of the traditional gas cylinders.

It is a great value proposition for many Apartments, Housing societies, Commercial Buildings, Factories and upcoming infrastructure projects where gas connection is required.

The technical experts of our company visit the project site to study the feasibility of the project. After feasibility study the proposal of the reticulation system is created which includes the design of the system, the compliance requirements, safety guidelines, maintenance guidelines, the costs, etc. Once the proposal is approved by the project owners, the system is installed




Project Design and Constancy

Design and develop LPG Reticulated system for household, commercial, industrial clients and Auto LPG Stations.

Reticulation/Bank System

Assembly and installation of cylinder Banks, Piping, Erection & Commissioning of the whole system for housing complexes, apartments, commercial spaces and industries

Turnkey projects

Erection and Commissioning of bulk LPG storage tanks for industries and Auto Gas stations.

After Sales and Supports

Maintenance and operational support for household, commercial & industrial clients.

Supply of Equipment

We import and supply LPG Equipment (Meters, Vaporizers, Tanks, Regulators). Vaporizers and Storage Tanks are manufactured maintaining all codes and standards.

Supply of LPG

Supply of LPG through cylinders, Bulk supply of LPG through road tankers and bobtail.



Imran Aziz

Director- New Business

Md Shaker Bin Sulaiman

Director Operations

Biplob Hassan

Senior Sales Advisor